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  • Our Lovely Little Swimming Pool

  • Our regular customers may have noticed that our pool was looking a little bit sad towards the end of 2018. Roots from the various trees had damaged the shell, the solar heater was leaking (quite a bit) and the lining was definitely showing its age.

    So what to do! We asked all our summer guests to give us their views. Should we repair the pool? Should we replace it with a wildlife pond? Should we use the space for something else?

    Well it is fair to say that you weren’t much help! 51% said ‘repair and restore’, 49% said ‘use the space for something else’.

    We made the decision to keep the pool (if we could afford to), and began the process of getting quotes from various companies. It transpires that we need some significant work on the structure of the concrete shell. Whilst this is being done we will install some steps to make it easier for some to get in and out. We’ll replace the liner, install solar panels to power an air-source-heat-pump and smarten everything ups (As well as dig-up and replace old pipework, and replace pump, filter etc).

    We had hoped to install a swim-jet and had quite a few additional ideas too – but the cost for the repair work and the current limit of our electricity supply forced us to put those plans back until next winter at the earliest.

    So. If all goes to plan, we’ll have lovely new pool ready and waiting for you when you next visit.

    UPDATE: The pool is now about ready, it should be finished by the first week of May, and all being well it will be open for swimming around the middle of May.