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  • CAMPSITE CLOSURE FROM 23rd MARCH 2020 – 30th April 2020

    As this epidemic has progressed to pandemic, we have tried to adapt to it as responsibly as possible.

    In the early stages this involved campsite-measures such as installing new paper-towel dispensers, hands-free bins, sanitiser etc, as well as increasing our vigilance with cleaning, disinfecting, distancing, and providing up-to date information to guests.

    As things progressed, on 17th March we closed our campsite temporarily, and following recent Government and Health-Service advice, we came to the conclusion that the only socially responsible thing to do is to close our campsite until further notice.

    That decision has now been reinforced by law. We can't predict when we will be able to reopen. Currently we are closed until 30th April. We have informed all our 2020 customers. We will review this decision weekly and keep all affected customers informed.

    We know that this will be hugely disappointing to our wonderful customers, and it is devastating for us. But our overriding considerations must be the impact of our actions on society as a whole.

    We are not sure that we (Greendale) will get through this crisis, but when it has passed, we need to be able to look back in the knowledge that we did the right thing.

    If you have a holiday booked at Greendale and have not received a communication from us, please get in touch (preferably by email).

    The situation changes daily, and currently worsens daily. We send you all our very best wishes, thank you for your understanding and sincerely hope that you and your families get through these unusual times.  

    We look forward to seeing you on the other side!


    Chris & Jo.