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  • Greendale Farm Park, Pickwell Lane, Whissendine, Rutland. LE15 7LB
  • Burghley House

  • Beautiful grounds, exquisite house and a fascinating history. The building of Burghley House began around 1555 and the initial stages were completed 20years later. Since then the landscaped grounds have matured and blended into the landscape. Recently designed water gardens and sculpture trails have made this a well-rounded day out. Culture, walking, cycling and recreation all within walking distance of Stamford.

    A fascinating BBC documentary (October 2017) looked at the secret network behind Queen Elizabeth I's 40-year reign.  The world's first secret service was run by Elizabeth's spymaster William Cecil (and later his son, Robert Cecil). William Cecil's efforts uncovered assassination plots by several nobles, including Mary Queen of Scots, and it was Cecil who saw that the perpetrators were executed.  Cecil was made Lord High Treasurer to Queen Elizabeth and subsequently built Burghley House. [If you can find the programme on BBC iPlayer or anywhere else, it is well worth watching!]

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