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  • Greendale Farm Park, Pickwell Lane, Whissendine, Rutland. LE15 7LB
  • Rutland Greendale Campsite’s Access Statement

  • Our Access Statement:

    We can't accommodate absolutely everyone, but we go all-out to make things easy and let you know any potential issues before you book with us. If you have any questions, please give us a ring.

    Size of Camping Site

    Greendale is a small touring caravan & camping park with 12 level gravel pitches. We reduce this to 5 pitches in the winter months (October to April inclusive). We are only 7 pitches long on 1 acre.

    Location of Camping Site

    The site is set in rolling farmland along a country lane, with usually less than 10 vehicles an hour going past during the day. This does increase during harvest time.

    We are half a mile from both the A606 & the edge of the village of Whissendine, where there are bus stops. Pickwell Lane has wide, uneven verges and is unlit so we like to take a torch at night.

    Layout of Camping Site

    The whole site is discreet & bounded by thick hedges. Fences at hedge bottoms help to prevent our dogs from straying. Farm fields surround the site, so there are usually cattle or sheep nearby.

    Pitches are staggered on either side of the road so that they do not face directly opposite each other & 11 pitches are beside a hedge, so have no-one behind them. Together with the 6m margin between units on pitches, this maximises our privacy & dignity on a small site.

    Speed: We keep to a 5mph speed limit on site.

    Surfaces at Camping Site

    Entrance & internal road: The entrance & internal roads are made of drive gravel.

    Pitch surfaces: All pitches are flat with gravel. Some of us like to fine tune our level with chocks; there are some chocks to borrow if we forget to bring them.

    Slopes on Camping Site

    There is a gravel slope down to pitches 11 & 12 by a conservation area with a wooded brook This is steep-sided & fenced off, so none of us can fall down it by accident. We can also access pitch 12 down a grass slope by the side of the swimming pool. We need to look out for pitch 12’s electricity cable so we don’t trip over it!

    4 pitches (6, 7, 8 & 11) are ‘all weather’ in that they have flat pea gravel on top of a sandy base and we can also pitch tents on them. They have proved to be very popular with those of us who camp in tents, being cleaner, comfortable & still fine to get pegs through.

    4 pitches (1, 2, 11 & 12) are fully hard standing as the gravel continues between internal road and pitch. All 4 of these are used in winter & the summer.

    8 pitches (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10) are partially hard standing (meaning we have to drive over some grass to get onto the pitch) & are used in the summer, with caravan & awning pitched on the gravel hard standing & the car usually parked on grass next to the pitch. Only pitch 3 is used in winter (October to April inclusive).

    This mix offers more flexibility and visually is far preferable.

    There is a steep grass slope down from the office, shop & amenities (shower bock) to the warden’s pitch (see picture to the right) or you can use a less steep grass slope or the gravel slope to reach them & pitches 11 & 12. Their mobile ‘phone number is in the office window. 

    Access from the shop, office or toilets (shower block) to all other pitches (1 to 10) is level along a gravel path. We should all be aware that the path from the entrance around the shower block has a small raised kerb at the edge of the path.

    The gap between the corner of the shower block with the water butt & the raised kerb is 85cm (2ft 3” or 27”), so we have found there is just enough room to get a Zimmer walking frame through the gap.

    Steps & Uneven Surfaces on Camping Site

    There is one raised small step into the Gents & Ladies shower block, shop & office. 

    The internal roads do not have a kerb, they are flat from the gravel onto the grass.

    There are some paving slabs set into the grass between the pitch & the road on pitches 3 & 10.

    There are paving slabs set into the grass in the hedge gap between pitch 1 & the road entrance gate.

    In winter, level green plastic grids are used as a path to avoid snow or wet grass whilst accessing the double water taps.

    Shower Block Bathroom Facilities at Camping Site

    Wherever possible, anyone with mobility needs will be given priority for a pitch close to the shower block. The earlier we book you in, the more likely we will be able to achieve this; it can be less easy to achieve for last minute bookings.

    We have inherited a small shower block but it is equipped to a high standard & kept very clean (or we wouldn’t get our 5 star rating!).

     It is too small practicably for wheelchair access for now (a new shower block would be extremely costly!), to our great regret. No tokens are needed as showers are free!

    There is one raised small step into the Gents & Ladies shower block.

    There is a further step up into the Gents shower & a small step over into the Ladies shower.

    All the floors in the Ladies & Gents in the shower block have non-slip tiles.

    All access & cubicle doors open inward.

    We have grab rails in the toilets & showers for support. A non-slip stool is available in each of the showers.

    The Ladies also has a chair in the private cubicle.

    There is no space for a chair to be left in the Gents but the stool can be moved to the washing cubicle or a chair will be taken in temporarily on request.

    Newly-installed top-quality (WRAS, BEAB, KIWA UK, and RNIB) approved showers, with audible alerts. They are not timed, nor do they need constant pressing.

    Temperature control can be changed and has safety limits.

    The shower head can be moved up & down & lifted from the wall. 

    The outside door of the Ladies can be locked from the inside. By arrangement, this area can be closed (with notice to other campers) at non-peak times (avoiding the morning rush), to enable a partner / carer to assist anyone needing bathroom support. This applies to any gender.

    Seeing with Lighting on Camping Site

    Lights on site are in keeping with the rural location & conservation status. All external lights go off between 11pm & 11.30pm, except at the entrance to both the Ladies & Gents. There is an emergency light near the entrance, which comes on when the others go out & small solar panel lights are at key places. Inside, lights in the toilets are controlled by a light sensor & come on when it is dark.

    Assistance with Pitching on Camping Site

    All new arrivals are shown to their pitch.

    Assistance is always available, where necessary or requested, with siting, manoeuvring, winding down legs, fetching water, erecting & folding awnings, setting & pulling pegs, checking rear lights etc. It helps us to know in advance where we need to assist, especially during the winter. We will assist with pushing & pulling where caravan motor movers fail.

    Finding Staff to Assist at Camping Site

    The office / reception is clearly signed towards & marked. It is found at the far end of the shower block, next to the bungalow. There is a small step into the office.

    We call staff with the doorbell on the office door frame or press the hotel bell on the office counter.

    The owners’ & wardens’ work mobile ‘phone number is in the office window. We are available on 0777 427 2005 for 24 hours a day.

    The wardens’ fifth wheeler is opposite the office. Try not to use the steep grass slope to get to them, use the less steep grass slope or the gravel slope.

    On owners’ days off, the wardens Gail & Barb (previously prison officer & social worker) with disability awareness training take charge.

    On the wardens’ days off, the owners Jo & Chris (previously nurse midwife & police officer), live on site in a bungalow attached to the office, so are usually nearby in the event of an emergency. We are all on hand to assist everyone during your stay. Do ask!

    Medical Help at Camping Site

    A first aid manual & first aid box are available in the office. 

    A first aid box & fire blanket are in the shop area.

    There is currently no qualified First Aider on the staff team.

    Call an ambulance or see medical ‘phone numbers in our Welcome Pack.

    Safety & Security at Camping Site

    CCTV alerts the owners & wardens in the office to new arrivals & swimming pool incidents. CCTV is for all our safety & security and is not meant to be intrusive. There are no cameras pointing onto pitches. We do not do night patrols unless requested or guests are too noisy (hardly ever!)

    Hearing Noises at Camping Site

    Farm fields surround the site, so there are usually cattle or sheep nearby. The loudness of dawn chorus may amaze us!

    We are in the middle of the country, so Greendale may occasionally have some agricultural noise, such as farmers’ bird-scarers in early spring.

    Depending on the weather, combine harvesters in neighbouring fields may keep going until late at night in early autumn.

    However, with its quiet & relaxing ethos, lovely views & the chance to watch & hear wildlife - especially birds on the feeders and in & out of the bird boxes - Greendale Farm Park is generally a very peaceful & relaxing site.

    Networks at Camping Site…

    Mobile ‘phone networks have good coverage. Campers in tents without electricity on their pitch can charge their mobiles in the shop.

    Free Wi-Fi is available for everyone with a written code for internet searches & social media (though not for streaming films or catching up on TV please, as this uses available bandwidth from others!).

    Remembering Things at Camping Site

    We will happily redirect each other if we can’t remember our pitch or where things are; we can borrow & lend if we’ve forgotten stuff.

    Welcome Pack with Information about Camping Site

    We provide a Welcome Pack for each pitch, with site & local information for you on arrival, including emergency & essential phone numbers & locations of doctors, hospitals etc. This pack is also available in larger print or by discussion.

    Further extensive tourist & some library information is available in the shop. This includes information about Oakham, public transport, taxis, shops, markets, farm shops, local information, eating out guide, what’s on & an extensive range of tourist leaflets. Barb & Gail, Jo & Chris are always happy to elaborate where they can & offer suitable suggestions. 

    Shop on Camping Site

    There is a step up & over into the shop. A mat stops wet Crocs (plastic shoes) slipping on the painted floor. Every new arrival is given the current code for the shop for 24-hour access. We assist each other when we can’t remember it or need to remember to turn the handle clockwise.

    Shopping at Camping Site

    The site shop usually stocks basic produce like milk, drinks, snacks & eggs.

    The village store at Whissendine half a mile away is well stocked and less than 1 mile away. Ask if you need other help with provisions.

    Calor gas cylinders are available 2 villages away, at Oakham Tyres or Ashwell Garden Centre. We can fetch these you, as they are heavy.

    Electricity Supplied on Pitch at Camping Site

    4 pitches (1, 2, 12 & wardens) have 16amp electric hook-up, the rest have 10amp.

    Bus Stops near Camping Site 

    Public transport buses are available every hour at slightly over half a mile walk away. Taxis can be arranged. Anyone arriving to the site on public transport can ask the owners to collect them from the bus stop or railway station. 

    Swimming at Greendale Farm Park

    Everyone is invited to use the solar-heated swimming pool in summer (June to mid-September) if it is warm enough, meaning over 25 degrees Celsius.

    The swimming pool 0.9m (3ft) to 1.3m (4ft 3”) deep, so we may be able to put our feet on the bottom without our face under water or there are 2 long tube float aids to use.

    We are not alone…

    We must have someone in with us or watching us swimming. (Swimming accidents are usually quiet or silent, not noisy as you may imagine!) We can only go in if a warden or owner plus one other person is on site. This is because there are only 2 steps on the top of the swimming pool ladder, so we all may need physical assistance to get out or get someone else out.

    There is an alarm hanging on the front of the summerhouse. Shout or use this to shriek for emergency help to come to the swimming pool - pull the pin & cord out of the unit. We can’t rely on CCTV spotting pool accidents, as there may be no-one in the office at that time!

    We are Sailing! www.rutland-sailability.org

    Rutland Sailability offer anyone the opportunity to have a go at sailing in a specially designed boat. All day Thursday or Saturday mornings all year round. These boats don’t capsize!

    Finally…Owners JO & CHRIS and wardens Kirsty & Luke are happy to offer support without taking over - please ask!

    Everyone likes to feel useful.