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  • Baby Woody

  • Congratulations to our greater spotter woodpeckers on the successful fledging of their chick. We have watched the parents daily throughout the winter and spring. In April they displayed their affections by chasing each other up and down the branches of our ash trees. Since then they have been feeding furiously on our nut and seed feeders.
    But yesterday the lovely people in the vintage caravan on pitch 11 reported a sighting of our first baby woody. Are there any more? We’ll have to wait and watch. We’ve still not seen the baby ourselves.
    Greater Spotted Woodpeckers are a treat. It’s easy to tell which is the male, female & juvenile. Adult males have a red patch at the back of the head, and a crimson under-tail; females have no red on their head, but like the male they have a crimson under-tail; youngsters have a red cap covering the complete top of their head, and a pale red under-tail.

    Ooh,  a delayed update. The Woodies have two babies!